Meet Your Live Chat Support System: The Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team

The Customer Success Team was built to help open the floodgates of success for our dealer customers.

They may not get the spotlight often, but they are essential to why ActivEngage is the most trusted and effective live chat provider in the industry. From the very beginning to when life happens and changes need to be made, our Customer Success Team is there every step of the way.

Ensuring Your Success with ActivEngage

The team’s end goal is to ensure ActivEngage delivers the connections, conveniences, and results our dealer customers rely on. They are your chat advocates and your first point of contact because they’re your digital messaging experts.

The ActivEngage Customer Success Team is there to:

  • Analyze your results – Rest easy knowing we continuously monitor your results. Our team is here to ensure our promises, as well as your expectations and monthly goals, are met.
  • Make recommendations using a holistic approach – We understand live chat is just a portion of your business. Our experienced team will review your website’s effectiveness using tools that show what areas are receiving the greatest attention from shoppers.
  • Communicate in a way that works for you – We understand you have to juggle more than one vendor relationship. That’s why we ask you what time works best, and schedule for your convenience.
  • Build a strong relationship – We believe the strongest vendor relationship occurs when the goals of both businesses align. Your success is our success.

More Than Live Chat Support

And our partnership doesn’t stop with tech and live chat support.

The Customer Success Team talks to hundreds of dealers a day about all sorts of things, not just live chat. That means they have deep sector knowledge and make it a point to understand the car dealership ecosystem, which makes them skilled consultants.

They’re a growing database of automotive knowledge — and they’re eager to share actionable tips and best practices that help our customers thrive. As an ActivEngage customer, you can use them as a resource and find out the current buzz in the industry, dealer best practices, and much more.

So if you ever have any questions about ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to reach out using the method most convenient for you:

  • Chat in from our website – We are always available to engage with you online. Just click the bubble on the bottom right-hand corner, and get to chatting!
  • Text us – In a meeting? Tied up on the phone? On-the-go? We get you. Just shoot us a quick text at 407.258.1795.
  • Give us a call – You can always go the traditional route and give your Customer Success Specialist a call at their direct line or through our main line: 407.960.3567.
  • Drop us a line – If you’d rather send us a quick message, fill out a form here, or send us an email at You can also email your assigned specialist!

In the End, It’s a People Thing

Since we began in 2007, we’ve been firm believers in the idea that people, not technology, sells cars. Don’t get us wrong, technology is great (our proprietary chat software is proof!). It’s what turns the wheels of progress in today’s society.

But it’s the human touch that makes technology great. And it’s what builds the foundation to every great relationship, like the ones you create with your customers at the dealership.

And with a strong support system like the ActivEngage Customer Success Team backing you every step of the way, you have the power to make those connections with online shoppers more meaningful and effective than ever.

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